Emrhys Cooper is no stranger to the silver screen.  The British-born actor/filmmaker has enjoyed on-screen success in: Person of Interest, Desperate Housewives, CSI: NY and the film musical Mamma Mia!, alongside Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, among other noteworthy credits. 

While Cooper found on-screen accomplishment in many acclaimed projects - he learned the value of creating his own content early on in his career in Los Angeles.

Cooper was eager to create work that he truly believed in, and felt deeply passionate to share with the world. In an answer to that calling Cooper formed DreamIt Productions® alongside internet mogul Richard Lutz.

Cooper’s initial ventures into the world of production included such successes as:  romantic comedy Walk a Mile in My Pradas (Amazon Prime Video),  dramedy Till We Meet Again. (Netflix/Amazon Prime Video), and horror feature The Lucifer Effect, which will be released on key streaming platforms in later 2018. 

Till We Meet Again obtained worldwide distribution and a select theatrical release in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The film also was the recipient of multiple awards including: 

“Jury Prize” - Long Beach International Film Festival
“Best Picture Audience Award” - Long Beach International Film Festival

In 2017 Cooper spearheaded the worldwide release of the Bhutanese acclaimed feature film: Kushuthara: Pattern of Love. 

The film received global accolades  as the most widely released Bhutanese film of all time, starring Cooper as the premier Western actor to star in a Bhutanese feature film. 

Further, Cooper’s performance was applauded and garnered him the award for “Best Lead Actor” at California’s renowned Indie Film Festival. 

Early 2018 marked Cooper’s directorial debut, with short Trophy Boy. Cooper was again inspired to create his own work after witnessing firsthand the damaging effect social media can have on one’s own perception of reality - if not carefully avoided. 



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Benjamin J Murray

Director of Photography / Producer

Benjamin discovered an initial fascination for storytelling at his family’s farm in Upstate New York where he drafted siblings & friends to work on his early films. Just after High School, he spent a year deployed in Search and Rescue, where he honed the strong leadership and team building skills necessary to excel in the film industry. 

Ben later moved to New York City to attend film school and soon began producing, directing, and filming a wide range of projects. 

His goal has always been to tell each story as truthfully as possible and to push boundaries into the unexplored. He now embarks on building a new brand and working with others to strengthen theirs, while bringing each story to life. For Ben, no tale is ever too small, and no venture is ever too daunting.


Lisa Dufort

Music Supervisor / Branding Strategist

Lisa DuFort comes from a production and music business background. DuFort has worked on such shows as 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' and 'The X Factor USA' - where she worked as a song selection supervisor, honing performances of top contestants, and preparing them for their live televised performances. 

She has curated music and selected songs for such top brands as Carnival Cruise Line - refining the atmosphere of Carnival's ships and using music to set the ambiance of various spaces onboard their fleet. Her forte is using music to enhance creative projects - setting the tone, and enhancing the audience's sensory experience. DuFort also works with EmCo Entertainment's clients to refine brand strategies, copy and content. 


Christian Suau

Editor / Director

Christian attended the New York Film Academy (NYFA). At NYFA, he crossed paths with British film producer Donald Ranvaud (‘City of God’, ‘Farewell My Concubine’ and ‘The Constant Gardener’), who became his mentor. His apprenticeship with Ranvaud, between 2004 - 2008, resulted in the much-acclaimed documentary ‘Oso Blanco’.   

Since ‘Oso Blanco’, Suau has been busily working in award-winning commercials and music videos that have garnered millions of YouTube views, ranking them among the Top Fifty Most Viewed Videos.

Suau directed ‘Johnny Watson: Functionally Dysfunctional’ for producer Mark Lipsky (‘Beverly Hills Cops’, ‘Coming to America’, ‘Harlem Nights’).He’s currently developing a screenplay for a feature film called ‘#freejack: The Story of Jack & Rosa’. Another project in the works is ‘Arte Para La Tumba’, a documentary, showcasing tattooing in Puerto Rico. Renowned tattoo artists Juan Salgado and Juan “Papito” López will be featured in the film. 


Amanda Collins

Producer / Brand Partnerships

Amanda is an experienced Global Marketing Director & CEO with a passion for helping small businesses expand into new markets with practical strategic planning and marketing.

Since 2010 Amanda has created brand partnerships, social media influencer campaigns, trade shows, global marketing channels, online channels, e-commerce sites, behind the scenes NYFW partnerships. Have worked with many luxury footwear designers, retailers and fashion brands. Including our most collaboration with Opening Ceremony.

Amanda has worked and consulted for a number of brands looking to expand to the USA, UK, Australia and globally with clients including We Are Knitters (launched the Krysten Ritter/Krysten Knitter Kits, Dion Lee, Karolina York, Rollie Nation (James Goldcrown - Lovewall Collaboration), Belly Beasts (Launch at GDC) , UMENCO and a number of other brands.