Trophy Boys 

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After Trophy Boy premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 and went on to have a very successful award winning festival run, it is now being developed into a television series with Dynamic Television.

The short film Trophy Boy is about the fall of an insufferable gay Instagram “influencer” who is being dumped by his sugar daddy, is being developed into a TV series.

After beating several offers, production, financing and distribution company Dynamic Television announced that it has acquired the adaptation rights to Trophy Boy, the critically-acclaimed short film from Emrhys Cooper (Vanity, Mamma Mia).

The series, to be titled Trophy Boys, which promises to be just as juicy as the short film, will follow the lives of a group of interconnected social media stars as they struggle to maintain their carefully crafted #bestlife personas.

Trophy Boy was universally praised and screened at several prestigious film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, Dances with Films, California Independent Film Festival, Catskills International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival and Chelsea Film Festival.

The film has just been invited to screen at two more festivals, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (February 1—20, 2019) and the Santa Fe Film Festival (February 17, 2019.).

Cooper and fellow Trophy Boy actor Donal Brophy will executive produce along with Dynamic Television’s Holly Hines. Dynamic Television will also serve as studio and international distributor. Danika Underhill will produce.

Dynamic’s  series includes the Icelandic crime drama Trapped, Van Helsing, Wynona Earp and Z Nation for SYFY and five-time Emmy nominated series East Los High (Hulu) and Madiba (BET).

“We were immediately drawn by the unique way Emrhys explores social media and the repercussions of using it to determine your own self-worth.  It touches a nerve in all of us while doing so with humor and heart. We are thrilled to bring it to television,” said Hines, Senior Vice President of Original Content for Dynamic.

On working with Dynamic, Cooper said, “I’m truly delighted to partner with Dynamic Television to make the world of ‘Trophy Boys’ come to life. In the age of social media, it’s easy to get lost in the false world of online avatars we create for ourselves. With this series, we hope to pull back the curtain and show the day-to-day struggles of these “influencers.” Sometimes we all need a reminder that all that glitters isn’t gold.”

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Frank & Ava

A destitute Frank Sinatra pursues a hapless romance with a sultry starlet, marked by passion, bourbon and infidelities; while campaigning for the role of Angelo Maggio in From Here to Eternity; the sole ray of hope in salvaging his career.

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Nosferatu: Halloween 2019

The remake of the iconic German expressionist horror film Nosferatu with Doug Jones starring in the title role will be hitting movie theaters this Halloween.

F.W. Murnau’s 1922 silent film is considered the first true vampire film ever made. It follows a young woman’s supernatural quest to not only save her true love’s soul, but in fact the entire world from the shadow of infernal darkness.

Director David Lee Fisher (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) is creating a remix of the original film with a mixture of live-action combined with colorized digital backgrounds recreated from the original film.

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The Price for Silence

After the death of her father, a troubled woman returns home to confront the family who paid for her silence.

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Real Royals 

'Mockumentary' themed series based on British step brother and sister, Henry and Harmione that believe they are much more 'Royal' than they actually are. The series is based on their move to Hollywood.

Written and directed by Emrhys Cooper.

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Macho Man

The Village People biopic 2020


Governor's Island (2019)

Short Film 

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The pristine Catskill Mountains provide the perfect setting for a wellness retreat hosted Manhattan’s transformational Svengali. Striving New York writer Parker Schafer gets more than she bargains for when she takes the trip upstate and ends up going down the rabbit hole with Guru Shuroo. In development.