We at EmCo Entertainment are comprised of an expert team with combined production knowledge that can aid in any production need. 

Our team includes (but is not limited to): 

-Camera Operators
-Editors/Editing Services
-Post Production Specialists
-Social Media Strategists
-Location Scouts
-Production Designers
-In-house Producers

No matter the project, our passion is creating engaging original content to get your projects seen by the audiences they target. 

In today’s social media driven marketplace - it is crucial to position your project and or brand to reach the precise audience it will resonate with. 

Through EmCo’s connections in the social media marketplace - we are positioned to aim campaigns at the influencers they align with. We make your dream projects a reality. 


Some of EmCo Entertainment’s Existing Brand Alliances are: 
Happy Socks, Tani, Fleurpins, Bespoke Bowties, Save Your Sole, Related Garments (among many others we are not at liberty to share because of client confidentiality).