We at EmCo Entertainment are comprised of an expert team with combined production knowledge that can aid in any production need. 

Our team includes (but is not limited to): 

• In-house Producers
• Social Media Strategists
• Creative Direction
• Production Designers
• Location Scouts
• Camera Operators
• Editors/Editing Services
• Post Production Specialists

No matter the project, our passion is creating engaging original content so your projects are seen by the audiences they target. 

In today’s social media-driven marketplace, it is crucial to position your project and brand to reach the precise audience it will resonate with. 

Through EmCo’s connections in the social media marketplace, we are positioned to aim campaigns at the influencers they align with. We make your dream projects a reality. 

Some of EmCo Entertainment’s Existing Brand Alliances are: 
Happy Socks, Tani, Fleurpins, Bespoke Bowties, Save Your Sole, Related Garments and Saint Luna (among many others we are not at liberty to share because of client confidentiality).